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Top 5 Exercises  For Old  People swadeshi infosystems :Top  Exercises  For  Old people  for good health  . For Good Health  Of Old people .

Top  Exercises  For Old People 

Top 5 Excersie  For Old  People swadeshiinfosystems
Top 5  Exercises  For Old  People swadeshiinfosystems 

Health is an important issue now days. Everyone is so busy in his/ her life that they are not bother about their health. To say healthy we have to keep our body fir and fine. The best way to stay healthy is exercise. Old people become weak as the life passes so they should stay healthy to stay away from diseases. Exercises are for many reasons-body building, flexibility, strength and agility. It requires a lot of strength to do, young person may do the exercises easily but it is a problem for old people. When you are getting older you lose your strength and flexibility but don’t be disappointed as there are exercises for old people too. You can’t make excuses for exercises. There are some exercises for old people, which make them fit and fine.


Top 5  Exercises For Old People 

  • Strength :Here are some exercises which are related to strength like arm exercise-this would increase your muscular strength of shoulders. Knee stretch- this will improve the knee problems and give strength to your knees. Chair stands- this will strengthen your muscles especially in stomach and thighs. Some points to be noted that you would not hold your breath for more time because it can raise your bold pressure. Try not to do the movements that are harmful or difficult for you it may hurt you or you would face injury. You feel tired and in pain but this is normal. Exercise increases your metabolism and gives you strength.

  • Balance: There are some exercises which build your leg muscles and prevent you from fracture that could be occurred in future due to falling. There are some leg exercises which can help you to develop your skin muscles. Raise your leg- this can help you to strengthen your thighs and side bone near hips. Second exercise is the hip flexion by doing this exercise you can improve your hip muscles as well as thighs muscle. You can take the help of chair and table but after you maintaining balance you can do without these things.       
  • Stretching: Stretching can help you to increase you flexibility of your body. You can also enjoy by stretching as you feel young and healthy by this kind of exercise. Arm stretch will improve your arms strength and flexibility. Leg stretch will help you to increase the flexibility of thighs and hips. Before doing any exercise you should consult and take advice from the doctor.
  • Endurance Exercises: It is very important for old people to do endurance exercises it can improve their heart’s health. It includes various activities like swimming, jogging, brisk walk etc. Brisk walk improves your heart rate and maintains your body internally. Swimming is the best exercise for your whole body because it affects every part of your body. Those people who have asthma problem they should not do jogging in a fast pace. Firstly you should start doing these activities for just 5 minutes after that you can increase your time as you feel healthy.
  • Sitting: By sitting you can increase your strength and flexibility. Chest stretch, upper body twist, ankle stretch, arm raises, neck rotation, marching, neck stretch etc. these are various kinds of exercises that you can do while sitting. By simple marching while sitting that we were doing during our school days you can improve your hip muscles. Arm raises will improve your strength of shoulder muscles and breathe out as you raise your arms and breathe in as you lower your arms. Neck rotation improves your neck mobility and flexibility. Ankle stretching increases your ankle flexibility and reduces the risk of blood clotting.

There are many other exercises too that can help you to improve your strength like wall press up, sit to stand and even raking leaves is considered as exercise. Old people will not do the exercises which can harm their body or make them ill. If any person has severe disease then they should consult the doctor before doing any exercise.

 Exercise would keep you away from diseases and make you fit, fine and healthy. Stay healthy.

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