How To Lose Weight with Fruits and Vegetables

Lose weight naturally by food diet . Lose weight by having fruits and vegetables . Follow the swadeshi Diet to lose weight . Lose 10 kg in 10 days by following any one method ,which ever  is easier .
Lose Weight With Fruits & How To Lose 10kg In 10 Days
Lose Weight With Fruits & How To Lose 10kg In 10 Days 

Lose 10kg In 10 Day Diet Plan

  1. Lose Weight With Fruits
  2. Cucumber Diet 
  3. Banana Diet

Lose Weight With Fruits

It is hard to believe that to be impossible to lose weight in just 10 days. But it is infect possible if you make a practical approach to it. You can get rid of a heavy weight by keep accurate and required by desired balance between energy which you need every day and the food that you eat.
A low-calorie diet can make easy quick weight loss in most healthy active adults. Here is a 900 calorie diet plan which will help you to lose weight in just 10 days.
The Diet consists of following ingredients

Do you know How to lose belly  fat 

Apples– Apple consists of fibre and act as a natural fat blocker. You can have any variant of apple you love to eat.
Green tea– It include of antioxidant which helps to reduce the accumulation of fat and free radicals in the body.
Oatmeal- It helps to feel fuller for a long time and eleminiate the cravings. It helps to reduce the weight by reducing the intake of a lot of unnecessary food.

Look at the calories that you are going to get from these ingredients:

2 Apples- 230 calories

6 eggs– 450 calories

Green tea- 0 calories

Oatmeal 1 cup- 160 calories

Carrot + Cucumber- 60 calories

Total- 900 calories

Here is a Diet plan that you should follow for next 10 days:


3 boiled Eggs

1 cup of green tea


3 boiled eggs

1 apple

1 cup of green tea


1 apple

1 cup of green tea

In between the meal you can have carrots, cucumbers or sprouts


1 bowl of oatmeal (add fruits, nuts and flaxseed in it for better results)


1 Cup of green tea just 1 hour before the bedtime

Along with this diet, you should always try to reduce eating of surplus salt and sugar. Does mild exercise or 15 minutes fast walk every day in the early in morning? This will help in the weight loss procedures.
So, isn’t it interesting that a simple diet can lead to losing of 10 kg weight in just 10 days? It is amazing and you should it a try. Use this plan and share it with you friend as well as family who want to lose weight rapidly.

Lose diet with Cucumber Diet

You want to drop that extra weight quickly? Try this implausible diet for 10 days and see the results! The main ingredient in this diet is cucumber and rightfully so you can able to lose weight naturally, because it makes you feel full so that you will be prohibited from binge eating.
So let’s see what you need!

products you can consume during this diet:

300 grams of fresh fruits
3 pieces of whole wheat bread or 2 boiled potatoes
2 boiled potatoes (the potatoes can be boiled and baked, but not fried) or 3 pieces of whole wheat bread
150 g of tuna (without the oil, 2 boiled eggs or 15 g grilled white meat)

Liquids: tea, coffee without sugar (no soda drinks or alcohol allowed)
You can eat fresh cucumber salad or drink a cucumber juice at anytime between or with your meals. Any time you feel hungry, you can consume both of them. The amount is limitless.
Cucumber Diet Menu (for 1 day)
Breakfast: cucumber salad and 2 hard boiled eggs
Between meals: 1 big apple, 1 peach (lower than 200 g) or 5 plums
Lunch: Whole wheat bread (Toasted) and cucumber salad
Between meals: Cucumber Shake
Dinner: Fruit salad (300 g)
Cucumber Salad – Recipe:
400 g of cucumber
200 ml of sour milk or yogurt
Fresh, young onion


Peel the cucumber and chop and make slices. Add some salt and mix in it well. After that, add the yogurt or the milk and shake it. In the end, add the fresh onion and your cucumber diet salad is ready to eat and for serve.
Cucumber Shake – Recipe:


1 apple
A handful of spinach
1 cucumber
20 g of almonds and walnuts

Add the apple, the spinach, and the cucumber (not peeled) in a mixer and blend well. Then, add some fresh ginger and blend it again. Put the shake in a big glass and trim it on top with some crushed almonds and walnuts and other dry fruits. It’s very important for you to drink it immediately, in order not to lose its healing properties. This delicious natural cucumber shake is high in vitamins and minerals, such as: Vitamin K, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, calcium, fiber, etc.
Note: It is very important to exercise while you are on this diet. You can run, walk, ride a bike, necessary exercise to burn the calories at your home or you can hit the gym, it’s all up to you. It will help you feel much better and you will lose weight much quickly.

Lose diet with Banana Diet 

Bananas are one of the most popular fruit in the world and there is a reason why? Banana fruit is rich in numerous essential nutrients such as fiber and starch which have a low glycemic index and they also taste great as well. Bananas will make you feel full for longer by temporarily blocking the absorption of carbs, which will result in more effective weight lose.

Bananas can improve your digestion and accelerate your metabolism, which will in turn improve the weight lose process. They are rich in starches that are slowly digested in the body, which will make you feel full for longer. The morning banana diet is great for everyone as long as you follow the rules. Always use fresh bananas not frozen. Here’s the simple daily plan:-


1 or more bananas
A cup of warm water


A meal of your choice and a bowl of fresh salad
Snacks and candy are allowed until if you are still feeling hungry


A meal with a lot of vegetables you like

Weight  Loss 

Alternative  Method 

Keeping  Activate  lose weight  Fast

There are many ways to lose weight. The quickest methods are to alter your diet and to engage in more exercise. Keeping active is an important aspect of any fast weight loss diet regimen. Basically, you need to burn more calories than you take in from eating. Decreasing the amount of calories that you take in and exercising more, will put you on the path to a healthier weight.

One of the best methods for decreasing calorie intake is to drink more fluids . These fluids should not include sugary soft drinks and energy drinks. These drinks provide only empty calories and the sugar will not help you to meet your weight loss goals. The best fluid to drink more of is water. Drinking more water will help you to feel full and it will also help you flush toxins from your system. Many of these toxins will slow down your metabolism and work against your weight loss program. When you increase your water intake, you will be able to rid your body of these toxins through your urine. If you have trouble remembering to drink water, set an alarm on your watch to remind you. Drinking a full glass of water every two hours will be more than enough throughout the day. Be certain to drink at least eight full glasses of water each day for maximum effectiveness.

Green tea is another great fast weight loss diet tool that is effective and inexpensive. You should still drink more water in addition to the green tea. Green tea can be steeped hot or cold and you can add some lemon or honey for flavor. There are many different brands to choose from but it is best to choose a brand that uses organic tea leaves. These leaves will be free from harmful chemicals that could be detrimental to your overall health.

Another fast weight loss diet tool is the meal replacement plan like the ones available at All About Weight. These plans utilize shakes and other drinks in order to provide you with calories and help you from feeling hungry. Most of these plans will have you replace lunch or dinner with one of these protein shakes. Many of these shakes are fortified with all of the necessary vitamins and minerals that you need to remain healthy. These fast weight loss shakes are perfect when you are trying to lose weight in a hurry. Of course, life style changes such as exercising more are equally as important.

Alternative  Method 2:

Lose 10kg in 10days 

Today I would surely like to discuss a subject with you. It is not because I am an expert in this field but it is a matter of serious concern. People are gaining extra weight and some people are aware about the harmful results and some people are not. It is interesting to know that many people who are aware about the harmful consequences are still not doing anything because of laziness. They are simply living their life keeping a thought of “LET IT BE” in their mind. This thought is really terrible from health point of view. Isn’t it? I would like to share some tips which could be beneficial for your weight loss. It would really be wonderful for your body and it will give you joy. You will also not deny you need a body which is free from diseases. Am I right?

So just follow these simple tips and enjoy the life.

It is an obvious thing that whenever we talk about weight, we talk about food. The truth is also not different that our eating habits and weight go side by side. Prepare a list of options for your diet which include healthy as well as tasty food. Your diet chart should be such which reduces your total ingestion calorie. Different foods have different amount of calorie and if you do not reduce the amount of calorie you would not be able to lose weight. Do not wander away from your diet list. It would be beneficial if you include protein rich diet. You can also include various types of protein shakes which could be the substitute of snacks. Do not order pizza or fast foods when you are in a restaurant. Moreover do not go with the myths and include fibers your diet chart. With the help of fiber you would be able to make the level of water in your body that reduces extra fats. Do not forget to do daily workouts. It burns your additional fats and save you from various diseases.

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